A local, small scale, fully integrated and custom design approach is taken by BioSyngas across commercial scale energy project developments

BioSyngas uses proven-at-scale, reliable, continuously (“24/7”) operable technologies sourced from around the world in its projects whether they be biomass or gas based.

These globally sourced technologies are expertly customised to match locally available feedstocks and customers energy requirements.


BioSyngas offers its customer:-

  1. Lower (by as much as 20%) overall energy costs,
  2. Lower carbon emissions,
  3. Energy efficency improvements,
  4. Energy disruption/back-up plans …this cost is built into the savings offered,
  5. An ongoing energy partnership whereby BioSyngas operates and maintains the plant .. this cost is built into the savings offered,
  6. At no capital cost (cost for plant and equipment) and limited upfront costs except for integration and commercial agreement work with BioSyngas.