Bioenergy Enterprises Australia (BEA) now owns biomass, specifically waste wood (bio-energy) based as well as natural gas and biogas, co-generated energy project development Intellectual Property (IP) comprising of engineering designs, technology and engineering partnerships, customer relationships and other related knowledge and expertise developed by BioSyngas Limited (BioSyngas). This IP was developed between March 2011 when BioSyngas was established, through to when BioSyngas was solvently voluntarily liquidated by members/shareholders in October 2016. Liquidation was approved by special resolution by shareholders at the 2016 AGM.

BioSyngas was initially a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX listed company Syngas Limited (SYS). In May 2013 BioSyngas demerged from Syngas, through a pro-rata inspecie distribution of shares to Syngas shareholders at the time resulting in the public, unlisted, energy company BioSyngas become an autonomous entity. BioSyngas invested in developing a portfolio of biomass (waste wood secured both regionally and as urban manufacturing, construction and packing waste) as well as natural gas blended with biogas based co-generated energy projects in Australia.

Two projects were developed by BioSyngas almost reaching Financial close, with Development Applications completed and offers of Project capital received, but circumstances including energy market conditions (uncertainty around prices and government support for renewables) and changes of ownership of customers meant that these projects did not ultimately proceed into construction, despite the significant year in year out energy savings offered to customers, and BioSyngas’ robust business model and potential returns to investors.

BEA now continues to offer the Lower Cost/Priced energy (base load electricity and thermal/heat) directly to industrial customers (by 20% overall) through embedded installations designed, owned and operated by BEA.

As well as BioSyngas’  bioenergy IP BEA now also holds the IP (patent pending) previously held by Syngas relating to the integration of “proven at scale” fully integrated large scale liquid transportation fuels (diesel/jet fuel) production plants, using brown coal or lignite as feedstock. This overall process is commonly referred to as above ground Coal to Liquid (CTL). A number of Potential projects exist depending on Market conditions (Oil price).

Australian market overview


Significant changes have taken place over the past few...

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Our Approach

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Reliable, on site, lower cost, lower carbon emission,"24/7"...

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Low Carbon Emissions


Why use Biomass? .......... And what is Cogeneration? What...

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BEA expects to continue to scope, design, finance and...

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Offering - Looking to the Future

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BEA offers energy partnerships to its customers that...

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