BioSyngas Limited (BioSyngas) was established in March 2011. BioSyngas was initially a wholly owned subsidiary of ASX listed company Syngas Limited (Syngas) ACN 062 284 084 (ASX: SYS). In October 2011 a new investor purchased a 40% share in BioSyngas from Syngas. In May 2013 BioSyngas demerged from Syngas, through a pro-rata in specie distribution of shares to Syngas shareholders, resulting in the BioSyngas of today – a public, unlisted, energy company. BioSyngas is currently developing a portfolio of biomass (waste wood) and gas (natural gas blended with biogas where available) based cogenerated energy projects in Australia selling energy (power and heat) directly to industrial customers. These projects are at a range of stages of development. The Company’s lead project is undergoing detailed engineering and commercial work to bring it to construction ready stage.

BioSyngas also holds Intellectual Property (patent pending) relating to the integration of proven at scale commercially available equipment for use in fully integrated large scale liquid transportation fuels (diesel/jet fuel) production plants using brown coal or lignite as feedstock. This overall process is commonly referred to as Coal to Liquid (CTL). Potential projects in this area have been identified. Market conditions and specific opportunities are continually being monitored in relation to potential project progression.

Australian market overview


Significant recent energy market shifts in Australia have...

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Our Approach

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A local, small scale, fully integrated and custom design...

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Low Carbon Emissions


Why use Biomass? .......... And what is Cogeneration? What...

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Our People


BioSyngas brings an experienced team to project...

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Our History

BioSyngas Our History

The history of BioSyngas from its beginnings through to...

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